Scene in San Francisco A Permit Fee is required for each day of filming. Nonprofit, public service announcements and qualifying student productions are exempt. Payment is accepted via Check, Cash, money order, or credit card. Checks should be made payable to the San Francisco Film Commission.  If you would like to pay via credit card please ask your permit coordinator for the proper link after you have applied for your permit.

Permit Fees are as follows:

  • $100 Still Photography
  • $200 Commercials Corporate, Music Video, Industrial, Web Content, Short
  • $300 TV Series, Movie, Pilot, Web Series, Documentary. (Note: If your budget for such a production is below $500,000, the daily permit fee is reduced to $100 per day. For a budget under $100,000, the daily permit fee is $50. Please provide us with your total budget estimate to qualify for the reduced rate.  Otherwise, the fee is $300 per day.)

These fees are charged on a per day basis, no matter how many locations you have.  The associated permit fees also include requested posted parking days. Fees must be paid in advance via check (made out to the San Francisco Film Commission), cash or credit card through our secure online payment system.


Police Department

For budgeting purposes please use the following.  Be aware that the rate is subject to change depending on the rank of officer assigned to your shoot:
$103.65/hr/officer from 5am-7pm
$110.13/hr/officer from 7pm-5am
There is a four hour minimum per officer hired for any film shoot.
Please note these rates go up on January 1st and July 1st of every year.

Street Closure Application Fees

Please reach out to SFMTA to discuss closure rates. Information can be found here.



All rentals have a 2 hour minimum requirement. After the first 2 hour rental fee, subsequent hourly fees will apply.

Rental Types:

2 Hour Minimum

Subsequent Hourly Rate

Cable Car    


















All rentals require a transit supervisor to conduct the production. Transit Supervisor rate is $84.61 per hour. 

Use of Image Trademark:

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has trademarked Municipal Railway's images, including logos, buses, cable cars, and other SFMTA-owned imagery. The Use of Image fee is a one-time fee per project type.  

Television Series/Movie/Pilot/Documentary 
*Reduced rates are available for qualifying low budget productions – inquire with the SF Film Office 
Commercials Corporate/Music Video/Industrial/Web Content/Short
(40 minutes or less)
 Still Photography $300 
Television Series/Movie/Pilot/Documentary
(qualified non-profit agency) 
Television Series/Movie/Pilot/Documentary (qualified government agency)  $50 
By qualified student
(applicable school letter confirming project and insurance provided by said school) 

Please note, if you are planning to rent a vehicle and pay the above rental fees associated, the Use of Image fee will be waived and no longer applicable.

Recreation and Parks Department

Please consult the Recreation and Parks Department website for the most up to date fee information.

Bay Area Rapid Transit

Please consult BART's website for the most up to date fee information.

San Francisco International Airport

Information about filming at the San Francisco International Airport can be found here.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Please consult the Golden Gate National Recreation Area's website for the most up to date fee information.

Business Registration

Any company doing business in San Francisco for 7 or more days in a calendar year is required to register their business. Please consult the Treasurer / Tax Collector's office for more information.

Minimum Wage

San Francisco’s minimum wage is $10.55 per hour. On January 1st of each year the City adjusts this rate to keep pace with inflation.  

Payroll Tax

San Francisco requires payment of a 1.5% tax on all payroll expenses in San Francisco. More information can be found on the Treasurer / Tax Collector's website.

Healthy Workers Initiatives

San Francisco has instituted a Paid Sick Leave Ordinance and Health Care Security Ordinance to improve the health and working conditions of the City’s Employees. Please click here for more information on the Healthy Workers Initiatives.